Stucco Plus, LLC is owned by Walter Weiss, Jr.    Walter brings 20 years to the business, starting only as a laborer in the construction industry.    Walter worked his way up and now serves as a member of the CRBA (Capital Region Builder’s Association).    Walter has been a member for 6 years where he has served on the Board of Directors and received the Associate of the Year Award.

Stucco Plus is a leading stucco company in Baton Rouge with a high quality reputation in stucco siding. Call 225-315-8572 and let one of our stucco professionals show you how exterior walls of any kind can take on a new personality with an innovative stucco finish that will ensure long lasting enhancements to your Baton Rouge home or commercial structure. Dryvit stucco Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS), is consistently on the leading edge of the building industry for stucco contractors and is a popular system that is highly energy efficient. SonoWall may be appropriate for your needs and is also a reliable resource for stucco wall systems in Baton Rouge. LaHabra is known for having new technology stucco innovation in formulation for primers, colors and finishes over 80 years. We find these top stucco product providers are consistent with the quality and affordability we require on every stucco project for exterior walls, columns and moldings etc.

All stucco materials we use are designed to hold against the vast amount of moisture Louisiana has to offer. Application is critical for stucco products to deliver on their promise. Our Baton rouge Stucco company consists of experienced plaster foremen who are always at the forefront of stucco projects in Baton Rouge. We are BBB Members, NAHB and Louisiana Home Builders Association members. Would you want any other Baton Rouge Stucco Contractor on your residential or commercial stucco job?

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